Vision Statement and Social Responsibility

Security Pacific National Bank is a financial institution that aims to assist and guide its valued customers to financial security and independence using the latest available financial programs and our knowledge base.

Our Micro Financing Services are committed to promoting the growth and prosperity of the individual whilst educating them on the process of managing their businesses. Our objectives and main goal is to help financially stabilize and educate the underserved female market by understanding their needs both socially and financially. We strive to reach our goals by meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers with continuous monitoring and mentoring on how to effectively manage their ventures.

The Bank will assist the development of an interlaced network of local support for our customers in a particular region. This local support maintains a close relationship with our borrowers and the Bank to keep us advised of all developments and events that concern the financial relationship between the Group and the Bank. By this process every individual in the group feels a responsibility for the economic success of the group, resulting in an internal and external culture which promotes and instils the sharing of business information and therefore social and economic responsibility.

Serving the under privileged

Micro Financing serving the low income, under privileged and poorly served female population of developing countries has now become one of the most profitable investment opportunities in the Banking Industry. This trend which began with subsidized government funds made an important social impact but did not produce very efficient and satisfactory results. This product has now been transformed in Mexico into a highly successful / profitable / self sustained business service which is now highly acclaimed in the world's media.

A successful (very simple) model has seen some leading groups growing clients at over 40% annually and profitability close to 60% since 2001. This model is now producing net profits reaching an astonishing 30+% net return on investment funds.

This new "loan thirsty" market segment has been estimated at well over $300 Billion and total loans to date are less than 10%, so there is much room for selective growth. FNB is one of the financial groups pioneering this successful formula in Mexico. They recently issued a limited bond edition to accelerate the launching of their branches in the most underserved areas of Mexico. FNB High Interest Bonds are paying between 10% and 15% interest depending on the investment amount and period of interest payment required.