Micro Financing



Micro Financing to the: low income, underserved, female population of developing countries is becoming one of the most popular / profitable investment opportunities in the Banking Industry. This trend which began with subsidized funds with an important social impact but not very efficient results is being transformed in Mexico into a highly successful / profitable / self sustained business.

A successful (very simple) model has some leading groups growing clients at over 40% and profitability at close to 60% since 2001, with net profits reaching an astonishing 30+% net return on income.

This new “loan thirsty” market segment has been estimated at well over $300 Billion and total loans to date are less than 10%, so there is much room for selective growth.
FNB is one of the financial groups pioneering this successful formula in Mexico. They recently issued a limited bond edition to accelerate the launching of their branches in the most underserved areas of Mexico.

Their bonds are paying between 16% and 20.% interest depending on the investment amount and form of interest payment



SPNB’s Micro-Financing Model

Simple Single Product Model

• $500 loans that can grow with timely payments

• Women groups with co-responsible payments


Simple / Clonable / Low Cost Marketing Formula

• Standardization of branches

• Aggressive “door-to-door” promoters

• “Word-of-mouth” from satisfied clients

• Impactful brand name


Strong Social Impact

• Reach underserved markets with no access to credit

• Teach them to organize, develop and grow

• Low key profile


Strong Personnel Development / Satisfaction

• Aggressive recruitment

• Continuous training

• High motivation


Effective and Efficient Financial Management

• High interest rate loans

• Operating alliances with commercial bank

• Elaborate customer / personnel management systems