Mission Statement



Security Pacific National Bank promotes human values, both socially and economically. We are dedicated to constructing and promoting the development of individual prospects, which are innovative, proficient, and well organized.

Customer projects are carefully monitored to promote and facilitate the growth of both the individual as well as SPNB. These principles result in the creation of a socially responsible trustworthy relationships causative of a more financially independent world.

Vision Statement and Social Responsibility

Security Pacific National Bank is a financial institution that aims to assist and guide its valued customers to financial independence. We are committed to promoting the growth and prosperity of the individual whilst educating them on the process of managing their businesses.

Our goal to help financially stabilize and educate the underserved female market is reached through the understanding of their needs. We strive to reach our goals by meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers with continuous monitoring and mentoring on how to effectively manage their ventures. It is our intent to develop an interlaced net of support with our customers in whom every individual feels responsible for the economic success of the group, resulting in an internal and external culture which promotes and instills social and economic responsibility.